Ben Pryor

Curator & Consultant


Ben Pryor is invested in artists working across performative practices who challenge the boundaries of artistic forms and normative contexts, believing in excess, refusal, transformation and transcendence. 


Ligia Lewis, Minor Matter

American Realness, 2017

photo by Ian Douglas


Since 2009 Pryor has worked with artists to build and tour new evening-length performances. Pryor has collaborated with 83 museums, festivals and cultural institutions in 54 cities across 16 countries. 


Miguel Gutierrez, Last Meadow 

American Realness, 2010

photo by Ian Douglas


Pryor has initiated curatorial projects including Festival TBD: Emergency Glitter and American Realness, "New York's preëminent sampler for boundary-pushing performance bordering on dance." - The New Yorker


Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Séancers

American Realness, 2018

photo by Ian Douglas

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